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Madison Perspective - Fed Balance Sheet and Unwinding

Preface - Keep the Federal Reserve in Perspective Before answering any questions about the U.S. Federal Reserve, we would like...

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Large-Cap Report 1Q17

The bull market celebrated its eighth anniversary as equities rose sharply and bonds advanced modestly during the first quarter of 2017...

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Active Fixed Income - A Primer

Most investors have a basic understanding of equity securities and may even spend a good deal of leisure time reading about...

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Municipal Bond Report 2Q17

Tax-exempt performance continues to surprise on the upside as interest rates defy logic, political dysfunction has nearly eliminated prospects for near-term change and investor demand for tax-exempt securities...

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May 2017 Commentary

Despite the sharpest daily downturn of the year on May 17, the S&P 500® finished the month up 1.4%, bringing its year-to-date return to 8.7%. The...

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Extraordinary Politics or Politics as Usual?

The election of President Donald Trump reinvigorated punditry about the influence of politics on domestic markets. This heightened commentary has left many investors wondering how...

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Active Management: Gaining a Leg Up

The growing popularity of equity index funds and equity index exchange traded funds (ETFs), combined with several academic studies of the costs and benefits of...

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